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Get to Know Lydia

Lydia is a creator who believes in the power of indecision. As an actor-voice actor-producer-singer-dog trainer, she thrives in the constant switching of hats. She's best known for her work as the pithy narrator in Netflix's Live Bridgerton Experience (SF) and as the bubbly scientist in Tubi's SciFi thriller, Shark Side of the Moon. Whether she's working in commercials (on-camera or voiceover,) animation, SciFi, or a good-old fashioned, cheesy rom-com, she brings her signature bubbly, heart-centered vivacity to every role. Feel free to contact her at to discuss your next project (or favorite book!)

Fun Facts

  • Lydia's Dad served in the Navy for 26 years, so Lydia grew up traveling around the world ( including Scotland, England, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Monterey, and San Diego!) 

  • Her Mom is a 1st generation Russian-Jewish immigrant... No Lydia doesn't speak Russian (it's a source of much shame and disappointment)

  • Lydia worked as a dog trainer for over 6 years and will happily talk your ear off about the science of behavior change

  • Her film The Deck, a Dungeons & Dragons romantic comedy, premiered at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019

  • She once hiked Hadrian's Wall (84 miles) in 6 days 

  • She has ADHD (Can you tell?)



Commercial Voiceover

Dog Training 

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