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A bright, bubbly voice to capture your ideal client's attention! Whether you're looking for a playful read or something casually relatable, Lydia's versatility has got you covered.

Commercial Demo
00:00 / 01:23


Having studied musical theatre at UC Irvine, Lydia is always thrilled to bring her singing background to her animated characters. She is comfortable as a soprano, whimsical princess, an off-the-rails villain, and everything in between.

Animation Villain Singing
00:00 / 01:26
Soprano, Ingenue Singing
00:00 / 00:41
Blues/Soft Rock Singing
00:00 / 01:25

Home Studio

Mic: Rode NT1a 

Interface: Scarlett 2i2

Preamp: ART Tube MP Studio V3 

DAW: Adobe Audition

Acoustically treated space

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